True Stated Income

  4/12/2022 7:23:26 PM      AAA Capital Investment, Inc.

What is the True Stated Income?

True Stated Income is nothing truly needed about any income documentation, which designed for salaried borrowers and self-employed borrowers

And this program is based on owner funds for qualifying.

What are the advantages of our program?

1.No WVOE Needed.

2.No P & L Needed.

3.No Income Documentation Needed.

4.Min.6 months reserves on PI.

5.Underwriting Turn Time: 8 Hours.

6.Gift funds allowed.

7.Loan amount up to $2.5M.

8.Purchase & R/T Refinance available.

What is the reason for choosing this program?

Non-QM loans have little such good programs for wage earners and business owners. There is a good opportunity you deserve for. Our True Stated Income program can meet your needs. 

Meanwhile it can greatly reduces document needed and require less reserve.