Self prepared P&L

  4/12/2022 7:47:40 PM      AAA Capital Investment, Inc.

What is the Self prepared P&L

It's a good choice for self-employed borrowers who can not be qualified with agency loan and do not want to provide varities of income documents.


Program Highlights

1. No CPA signature needed;
2. Foreign National allowed;
3. Loan Amount up to $10M;
4. 12 months reserves calculated on PI;
5. No tax returns needed;
6. Gift funds allowed;
7. Down payment as low as 30%;
8. Min. FICO 680.

The Benefits of Self prepared P&L

For self-employed borrowers, 12/24 months bank statement program is a better choice since this program doesn’t need tax returns and business bank statements. However, which has complicated financial situation with multiple bank statements, the P&L program may be the best choice. Three bank statement accounts for one business, that may be the restriction which leads to P&L program.

If you have any questions about Self prepared P&L program, 

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