4/12/2022 7:50:14 PM      AAA Capital Investment, Inc.

What is the WVOE

The WVOE(Written Verification Of Employment) program is suitable for the wage-earners in special situations and can also solve the problems that lenders require you to provide W-2 and tax returns.

What are the advantages of our program?

1.Min.6 months reserves on PI.

2.No paystub / W-2 / tax return needed.

3.Underwriting Turn Time: 8 Hours

4.Foreign national allowed.

5.Gift funds allowed.

6.Loan amount up to $2.5M.

7.Down payment as lower as 30%.

8.Min FICO 680.

What is the reason for choosing this program?

When it comes to getting a loan as a wage-earner, we know that it could be difficult to qualify your mortgage application when to use W-2 and tax returns. This is why you should choose our WVOE program not to required that.