Asset Depletion

  6/9/2022 8:14:33 PM      AAA Capital Investment, Inc.

What is the Asset Depletion

Not all borrowers fit neatly into the boxes required by traditional lenders. Some borrowers are investors, self-employed, entrepreneurs, retired, or simply living off their investments. They are financially responsible people, but they might not have sources of income that are easily quantifiable.

AAA LENDINGS Mortgage's Asset depletion program allows these kinds of borrowers to use their personal and business assets as a means to qualify for a home mortgage.

Program Highlights

1. Up to $2.5M Loan amount.
2. Up to 80% LTV.
3. DTI ratio is 50%.
4. Cash-out is acceptable.
5. Employment information is not required on loan application.

The Benefits of Asset Depletion

1. No need to provide any income documents.
2. Primary Only.
3. Less documents.
4. Easy to qualify.

If you have any questions about Asset Depletion program, 

Please email to or call us: 1 (877) 789-8816.

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