Bank Statements

  6/9/2022 8:08:08 PM      AAA Capital Investment, Inc.

What is the Bank Statements

Self-employed borrower with excellent credit whose income stated on their tax return won’t qualify them for the luxury home they can afford. Qualify with 100% on Personal Account Deposits and 50% on Business Account Deposits (12 consecutive months).

Program Highlights

1. Up to $4M Loan Amount.
2. Up to 80% LTV.
3. Self-Employed and 1099 Borrowers.
4. 660 or higher Credit Score.
5. No reserves required for LTV at 75% or less.
6. No 4506T / No K1 / No P&L required.
7. No MI (Mortgage Insurance).

Why do we choose Bank Statements?

Even though most Americans can easily qualify with full documentations for a conventional house mortgage loan, many still don't fit the Fannie and Freddie guides when it comes to the lending requirements. Luckily, Non-QM loans and bank statement income documentation are great solutions for these untraditional borrowers.

Especially, self-employed wage-earners have the luxury to write off many business expenses under the IRS Tax Code. Writing off business expenses from their gross income benefits self-employed wage-earners in paying less in income taxes.

Many self-employed people with shrewd accountants often pay no taxes due to taking advantage of the tax codes. Many have negative income. Unfortunately, a lot of write-offs mean that self-employed wage-earners have a difficult time to qualifying for a mortgage. Traditional lenders will use adjusted gross income when calculating the qualified income, which is a Good news for self-employed home buyers with non-QM loans. We have Non-QM mortgages for self-employed borrowers with no income tax returns required.

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