5/7/2024 12:43:45 AM      AAA Capital Investment, Inc.

What is the DSCR CES

DSCR CES (Closed End Second) is a new CES program offering DSCR option.

DSCR CES Program Highlights

Do More With Less

30 Years Fixed

1) Max. Loan Amount $500,000;
2) Max. LTV 75%;
3) Min. FICO 660;

Eligible Borrowers
★US Citizens, Permanent Resident Aliens, Non-Permanent Resident Aliens
★Foreign Nationals: 700 min FICO, 70% max CLTV

If you have any questions about DSCR CES,

Please email to hello@aaalendings.com or call us: 1 (877) 789-8816.

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